Nominating Committee Report for the MWOS Board of Directors 2017-2018

In accordance with By-Law Number 1, Section 6, the Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate of Officers and Directors for the 2017-2018 Season:


President: Rod MacLeod
Treasurer: Phil Shea

General Directors:

Wilhelmina Fredericks
Shelagh Glover
Gil Hymer
Yvanna Kroitor

Positions vacant are: 1 or more General Directors

Further Nominations

In accordance with By-Law Number 1, Section 5, Subsection (d), further nominations for any Office or as a Director of the Society may be made by members of the Society, provided that any such further nominations be submitted to the Secretary [] at least five (5) days prior to the Special General Meeting* and provided that any such further nominations be signed by at least three (3) members of the Society, and also the Candidate so nominated.

* The date will be announced soon.

Voting Privilege

Please note that all life members and those attending the meeting will be considered members in good standing for 2017-2018, and therefore may vote at this meeting.




Le texte français suit.


Rapport du comité de mise en candidature
Conformément au règlement numéro 1, section 6, le comité de nomination propose la liste de candidats ci-dessous pour les postes des dirigeants et administrateurs pour la saison 2017-2018 :


Le Président : Rod MacLeod
Le Trésorier : Phil Shea


Wilhelmina Fredericks
Shelagh Glover
Gil Hymer
Yvanna Kroitor

Les postes vacants sont: 1 ou plus d’Administrateurs.

Autres candidatures :
‘Conformément au règlement numéro 1, section 5, paragraphe (d), les membres de la Société peuvent proposer d’autres candidats pour les postes d’administrateurs, sous réserve que ces nouvelles nominations soient soumises au Secrétaire [] au moins cinq (5) jours avant l’assemblée générale spéciale * et à condition qu’elles soient signées par au moins trois (3) membres de la Société ainsi que par le candidat ainsi désignés.’
* La date sera bientôt annoncée.

Privilège de vote

Veuillez noter que tous les membres à vie et ceux qui assistent à la réunion seront considérés comme membres en règle pour 2017-2018 et peuvent donc voter à cette réunion.


MWOS: Please contribute…

Dear Friends,

This is to let you know that the Montreal West-End Operatic Society is not currently in production and will not be presenting a show in the spring of 2017. Please keep checking this post for updates.

MWOS is in the process of going dormant for a period of time, in order to regain its strength.  Once solvency is attained by selling assets and appealing for charitable donations, we hope to move towards production again.  Your support is vital to our success.

Charitable donation receipts will be issued to all those who make MWOS a gift of 10$ or more. Please include a stamped, self-addressed return envelope.

If you value live performance and the continuance of your local theatrical society (nearing its 80th anniversary), please contact us – 514-990-8813 (ext. 6).

Online donations can be made directly to Canada Helps

Donate Now Through!

Thank you!

Rod MacLeod

President, Montreal West-End Operatic Society