The names listed on this page are people who have, over the course of their participation in the Society, made extraordinary contributions to the life of the group. .Without their devotion and love, the Society would not be the amazing group that it is today. For this and for all the other little things they did to help define, distinguish and develop us, we honour them both with thanks and with the titles you see before you. You may never see their faces, but the professionalism that goes into every show is a result of their hard work and vision.

OUR PARTNERS:  In 2014 and 2016, MWOS set up renewable partnerships with two municipalities – Côte Saint-Luc (2014) and Westmount (2016).  Together with members of the MWOS Board of Directors, the teams have forged a number of collaborative performances of mutual benefit. MWOS is eternally grateful for the generosity and support of these good citizens. Along with the honour bestowed upon these special individuals, we offer them two complimentary tickets to MWOS performances.
Other political figures who have sponsored us recently and who are considered partners are: in NDG – Marvin Rotrand, Councillor and Russell Copeman, Borough Mayor; and NDG riding: Kathleen Weil, MNA

Artistic Director Emeritus

Scott Savage (until 2014)

Set Designer Emeritus

Jean-Claude Olivier

Honorary Members

Lorna Hickey

Partners in Côte Saint-Luc  (for 2016-2017):

Harold Cammy
Ryan Nemeroff
David Taveroff
Cornelia Ziga
Sam Goldbloom
Mitchell Brownstein
Anisa Cameron
Lisa Milner
Frances Miller-Rosen
Darryl Levine
Anthony Housefather

Partners in Westmount (for 2016-2017)

Virginia Elliott
Hélène Mitko
Jillian Barnes
Nicole Forbes

Partners in NDG (for 2016-2017)
a) Municipal Council, Borough of CdN-NDG  

Marvin Rotrand
Russell Copeman

b) MNA for  the provincial riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grace (for 2016-2017)

Kathleen Weil

Life Members

  • Robin Axten
  • Gerald Boisvert
  • Carol Brodkin-Sang, 2009
  • James Bruce
  • Elena Cerrolaza, 2015
  • Dael Foster, 2011
  • Susan Germinario
  • Shelagh Glover, 2018
  • Joe Greenstone
  • Martin Hallett
  • Anita Hayes
  • Gil Hymer, 2014
  • Julie Larkin
  • Bruce Lochhead
  • Shaun Lynch
  • Andrew Macdougall, 2013
  • Rod MacLeod, 2016
  • Kerry McKeown, 2018
  • Rodrigo Monardes-Marin, 2016
  • Margaret Quinlan
  • Chester Sawczyszn
  • Mary Sawczyszn
  • John Sloan
  • Jean Stutsman
  • Corinne Verpoorten (2018)
  • Mary Vipond

In Memoriam

  • David Lambert
  • Leigh Edwards  1944-2010  (MWOS:  – 2008)
  • Leonard Langmead  2013 (MWOS:1963-1970, Life Member)
  • Gordon Schecter 2013 (MWOS: 2011-2013)
  • David Bloomer 2014 (MWOS: -2014)
  • Donald MacPhail 2014 (Life Member)
  • Scott Savage 2014 (MWOS Artistic Director Emeritus)
  • Nancy Drury 2016 (Life Member)