Member Events and Charity Work

Our Charity…the Children’s

The Montreal West-End Operatic Society has, for many years, been a proud supporter of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  To date (2017), it is estimated that MWOS has donated more than $130 000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, in total.

In 1973, the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation was established.  Since that date, the MWOS has raised more than $89 000* for the MCHF in accumulated donations up to and including 2016.  The Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1989 with a special gala performance of ‘The Gondoliers’ with proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital.

Carolling: Traditionally, Society members precede their annual Holiday party by going door-to-door in Montreal West singing carols and collecting donations for the Children’s. This year, 2016, the carollers raised $188.60 for the MCHF, serenading families on selected streets of Montreal West.  In 2014, we were bowled over by the generosity of the townsfolk who contributed $1400 to the MCHF at our carolling event.  Thank you, Mo-Westers! 

All profits from the show programme donations at performances are also donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation  And, at our annual Hail! Unity concert in January (from 2008-2014), the MWOS share of the profits is donated to the MCHF.

It is interesting to note, that the great-niece of two of the founding physicians of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Drs. Charles and Albert Vipond, is a current life member of MWOS.  Drs. Vipond founded the Vipond Hospital, later known as the Montreal Children’s Hospital, in 1920.

*$89 502

Costume Workshops

Costume workshops are attended by all and sundry to build the costumes the cast will wear during the show that year. We meet between 1:00 and 5:00 pm on Saturdays during the fall and winter and your hard work will be seen by eager theatre-goers during the run of the show.

Set Construction Workshops

Set construction workshops are attended by those with construction skills who want to learn how to build a set that is safe for performers and still stunning to look at. You learn perspective in set painting and sizing a set for 40 performers that still looks realistic from the audience’s point of view.

Member social events

New Members Party

Our New Members Party welcomes new members by treating them to a party in their honour. The party welcomes them to the MWOS family and introduces them to their fellow performers. Returning members bring a pot-luck dinner for all to enjoy. And we have some spectacular cooks and bakers in the Society! Definitely not for those who are watching their weight! Or maybe you can leave the diet alone for one night.

Carolling Party

MWOS Carollers are often joined by past and Life members at our annual Carolling Party.  It has become a recent MWOS tradition that we are hosted by Elena Cerrolaza and Rod MacLeod, residents of Montreal West.  After carolling on local streets, we are treated to glasses of mulled wine and a buffet of pot-luck dishes, while we share stories and songs.   At the end of the evening, we count the contributions to the MCHF collected by the carollers from the good folk of Mo-West. What a wonderful way to begin the holiday and mark the spirit of the season – with the warmth of comradery and the knowledge that we’ve helped children in need!

Muppets and Fondue

As the name suggests, this is where the members get together at Sue Germinario’s home to eat all manner of fondue and watch episodes of “The Muppet Show”. Great fun and great eats for all!