MWOS Awards & Honours

The Lifetime Achievement Award was instituted in 2014 to honour a special member of the cast and long-standing member of the MWOS Board of Directors, Susan Colby-Germinario. Having joined in 1977 and continuing to serve the Society with dedication after more than 37 years, she has set the gold-standard for volunteerism. Without her, MWOS would not be.

Over the years, several members of the Society have been honoured with special awards:

Harry and Doris Norris Award (named after our two founding members) is presented by the Board of Directors to MWOSers who have demonstrated particular industry as a volunteer for a specific production, above and beyond the call of duty.

David Lambert Memorial Award (in memory of a very special MWOSer) is presented by the Board of Directors to a new member showing David-like characteristics: enthusiasm and energy.

Gary Atkinson Memorial Award instituted in 2013 (in memory of another special MWOSer) is presented to a particularly deserving cast member by his/her peers for being supportive and congenial.

Honorary Titles  (Please see ‘About Us’ page – Alumni)

Set Designer Emeritus
Artistic Director Emeritus
Life Memberships


Norris Award

Lambert Memorial Award

Atkinson Memorial Award

Shannon Bouchard, 2018 Donna Pinsky, 2017 (presented 2018) Donna Pinsky, 2018
Elena Cerrolaza, 2016
Gil Hymer, 2016
Estelle Lalonde, 2016
Magdalena How, 2016
Marko Hubert, 2016
Dan Wheeler, 2016
Wilhelmina Fredericks, 2016
Kripa Nageshwar, 2015
Nadia Madzarac, 2015
Sandra D’Angelo, 2015
Nadine Guertin, 2015
Sandra D’Angelo, 2015
Shannon FitzGerald, 2014
 Jenn Worsnip-Cannell, 2014 Kripa Nageshwar,2014
Andrew Macdougall, 2012 Kripa Nageshwar,2012
Elena Cerrolaza, 2011 Ashley Becker, 2011
Rachel Germinario, 2011
Shelagh Glover, 2011
Kerry McKeown, 2011
Rachel Germinario, 2009  Laura Bryan, 2009
Susan Germinario, 2009  Shelagh Glover, 2009
Andrew Macdougall, 2009  Kerry McKeown, 2009
Jeff Freeman, 2007
Mary Vipond, 2005


Honorary Titles  (Please see ‘About Us’ page – Alumni)

Set Designer Emeritus Life Memberships   Honorary Membership is conferred upon a particularly supportive member of the community.  This honour is bestowed on a yearly basis and brings with it, 2 complimentary tickets for one of our feature performances. Honorary Memberships

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