Haskell Opera House

In addition to their annual Montreal presentation, the Montreal West Operatic Society have been performing at the Haskell Opera House that straddles Stanstead QC and Derby Line VT for nearly 25 years and plan to do so for quite some time to come!

Refurbished in time for its 100th anniversary in 2001, the Haskell Opera House is a scale version of the old Boston Opera House which was destroyed by fire at the beginning of the century, itself a replica of an opera house in Britain. Use of its antique drops and front drape are strictly regulated because they are the only surviving works in the world of the original resident set designer. Its warm, intimate atmosphere and near-perfect acoustics make it a wonderful place both for performer and patron alike.

Performing at the Haskell Opera House is somewhat challenging as it literally sits directly on the Canadian-U.S. Border. The audience is divided by the border. The stage is on the Canadian side together with about 1/3 of the audience. The rest of the audience is in the United States. Patrons who are observant will see the dividing line on the floor of the theatre.