About Us

The Montreal West-End Operatic Society is a non-profit community-based company founded in 1939. Our goal is to entertain audiences with the brilliant wit and enchanting music of classical comic opera, while giving back to the community.

Our mission

Our mission is to sustain a theatrical community dedicated to producing the works of Gilbert and Sullivan and other comic operas, and providing a training ground and home to committed and aspiring performers.

Our members

Our members are of many ages and occupations. Every year, the love of singing combines with the fun of working together on sets and costumes, to deepen old friendships and create new ones. We all volunteer our time – with the exception of our music and stage directors, who are hired to nurture the production to professional standards.

Charity work

As a charitable organization, MWOS has raised more than $100,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Each year, we raise money for the MCH Foundation by collecting donations for our show programmes, and organizing other charitable events such as our annual Carolling for the Children’s event in late December.

MWOS also accepts non-perishable food contributions for both the NDG Food Depot and Sun Youth Food Bank at all its Montreal area performances.

MWOS Awards & Honours

Over the years, several members of the Society have been honoured with special awards:

Harry and Doris Norris Award (named after our two founding members) is presented by the Board of Directors to veteran MWOSers who have demonstrated …

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Our Productions

The Montreal West-end Operatic Society specializes in producing the works of Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert, perhaps the most famous pairing of composer and librettist in the world, as well as comic operettas by other notable classic composers.

MWOS is …

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Member Events and Charity Work

Our Charity…the Children’s

The Montreal West-End Operatic Society has, for many years, been a proud supporter of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.   To date, MWOS has donated more than $130 000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  The Society celebrated its 50th …

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Our History

In 1939, with Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas growing an international following since their deaths, a group of Montreal West citizens decided that their town should have its own amateur theatrical company dedicated to the performance of these sparklingly witty works, …

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Who are Gilbert and Sullivan?

Originally brought together by Sir Richard D’Oyle Carte in the late 1860’s, Gilbert and Sullivan’s first work, Thespis, was produced in 1871. They wrote 14 operettas over the course of their partnership. Sir Arthur Sullivan had always wanted to compose …

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The names listed on this page are people who have, over the course of their participation in the Society, made extraordinary contributions to the life of the group. Without their devotion and love, the Society would not be the amazing …

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