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General Membership Information

Join the MWOS Family by Becoming a Cast/Company Member

Becoming a member of the Montreal West-End Operatic Society entitles you to enjoy many benefits.  Besides getting a chance to perform and having the feeling of being part of local community theatre, you are offered a number of specials.

As you may know, MWOS was incorporated in 1939 as a Gilbert and Sullivan theatre company – the oldest in Canada!  As such, you will be joining a company with longevity, talent and spirit.  Every year, we produce a piece of musical theatre, such as a comic operetta in English (by Gilbert and Sullivan) or a bilingual production of a work by another composer, such as Offenbach, Lehár and Strauss.

Whether you are an active member on the stage, behind the scenes, or a valued member of our audience, your membership will help MWOS continue to bring music and comic musical theatre/operetta to the Montreal community.

Membership Advantages

For only 40$/year or 5$/mo,  an MWOS Cast/Company Member is offered many benefits.  Along with the opportunity to learn and/or hone your singing and acting skills at rehearsals, you will receive:

  • A Mini-Season discount of up to 15$ on 2 other G & S productions** in the season
  • Recognition in our show programme booklet and on our website
  • More than 25% reduction in the cost of an ad or message in our programme
  • Voting Privileges at our Annual General Meeting
  • Other benefits such as ‘meal deals’, when available

And, the ‘pièce de résistance’, the chance to perform – and/or become otherwise involved – in our various shows and appearances throughout the season.

* regular individual fee.
** by the McGill Savoy Society (Montreal) and the Lakeshore Light Opera Company (Pte.Claire)

Expectations for Members of the Society


No member of our cast may accept any engagements which may conflict with show dates or rehearsal schedules. Cast members are required to make themselves available for all performances. We, therefore, suggest that you avoid booking any engagements during this period until all show dates have been confirmed. Montreal West-End Operatic Society (MWOS) requires that, if you are accepted for a principal role, you do not accept a lead role with any other musical or theatrical group during the same season without consultation with the Music and Casting Committee.

Singers who want to be considered for an understudy or alternate must indicate it in the audition information sheet.


To better evaluate everybody’s audition, auditions may be videotaped.

All those who take part in the production will be videotaped during the show.  Souvenir copies (DVD/BluRay) of the videotape will be made available to cast for between 25$-30$ each, as a small fundraiser.


Regular attendance is mandatory. Rehearsals for all members are every Thursday evening at 7:00p.m. sharp! Warm-up is at 7:00p.m. Members missing too many rehearsals may, at the board’s discretion and upon a recommendation of the Music & Casting Committee, be required to re-audition or asked to withdraw from the production.

Additional Rehearsals

Additional rehearsals of principals will be held at the discretion of the Directors. There may be additional rehearsals for the full company, as required, leading up to the performances.

Membership Dues

In recognition of the value of the training, practice and performance you receive from MWOS at rehearsals and shows, members are expected to pay dues for membership in the Society.

Your membership dues allow you to participate in Elections and vote at General Meetings of the Society.   Tax Receipts will be issued to those who have paid their dues in full before December 31st of each year.

Membership dues are payable either monthly (x8 mo.) or in a single payment (due on November 15) for the year.   Each member is required to sign a fee schedule agreement,  committing to pay dues regularly.

Monthly Option (x8)

  • Individual Members:  $5.00

Yearly Option

  • Individual Members:  $40.00


Members of the Society have a responsibility and commitment to contribute to its artistic, financial and social success.  We are a community theatre group whose performers also participate in other aspects of the show’s production.  We encourage all members to join one of our production teams: set-building, costume-making, marketing, public relations, … and running for a position on the Board.

Cast members are strongly encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible. In recent years cast members have been responsible for 60% of all tickets sold for the show. The cast is also expected to solicit: supporting memberships and advertising for our programme, (which makes possible our contribution to the Montreal Children’s Hospital).

We encourage everyone to contribute his or her own unique talents to our Society. While we audition for singers, no auditions are needed for backstage help, front-of-house personnel, sewers, painters, hammerers, props makers, prompters, or make-up assistants. Please feel free to volunteer help from other members of your family; we need their contributions too!!

Social Activities

Social occasions at MWOS include a party honouring our new members in a special potluck party, carolling for the Montreal Children’s Hospital followed by our annual Holiday Party in December, a cast party after the Montreal Show plus parties after the road shows and many others.