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Costume Collection Photos of our Shows:
To see the photos of our most recent costume collections, please click here.
Costumes built for and by the Society are available individually and in complete sets for rental at reasonable prices. Costumes are available for the following shows/eras:
Our most recent costume collections (from 2002 to 2016), include:
  • Japanese 19th C. – women’s and men’s kimonos & obis (‘The Mikado‘ – MWOS, 2004)
  • Tudor era – Ghosts of noblemen, sailor, bridesmaids, madwoman and villain ragged clothing (Ruddigore‘ – MWOS, 2005)
  • Period Italian – Gondolier and Contadine peasant outfits, Ducal party gowns and finery (‘The Gondoliers‘ – MWOS, 2006 & 2016)
  • Tudor era – Beefeater uniforms, nobility: ladies and gentleman, jester and jailor (‘The Yeomen of the Guard– MWOS, 2007)
  • British Naval & Edwardian era – Uniforms & sailors, captain and admiral) & Ladies – 19th C (‘H.M.S. Pinafore‘ – MWOS, 2008)
  • Medieval era Armour and Gowns (‘Princess Ida‘ – MWOS, 2009)
  • Victorian era – Lords and Ladies + bridesmaids, wedding apparel, judge and lawyer’s robes (‘Trial by Jury‘ – MWOS, 2011)
  • Vintage Victorian – Pirates, Policeman & Ladies – day and night dresses (‘The Pirates of Penzance‘ – MWOS, 2013)
  • Pre-Raphaelite era – Dragoon Uniforms, Ladies & Gentlemen, Milkmaid (‘Patience‘- MWOS, 2014)
  • La Chauve Souris/Fledermaus
  • Victorian era – Ladies and Gentlemen ‘A G&S Christmas Carol – (operetta by Gayden Wren)

Please note: to rent these costumes, contact Rachel Germinario – 

  • The ‘Bollywood’ Mikado* costumes.  
  • Orphée/Orpheus costumes.

The costumes pictured on the Dropbox photo pages* are for rent by the Society.   Please contact: or phone: 514-990-8813 ext.11 for more information, and to rent costumes.

Many pieces, specifically chorus pieces, have been designed to fit into many historical eras and each one is unique.  Consequently, there is a naturalness to the general costume design not normally available in shows of this type.
Please contact us to discuss or rental possibilities. Certain conditions apply.
*with the exception of the ‘Bollywood’ Mikado and ‘Orpheus’ costumes.