Current Board of Directors

Executive Offices

President Rod MacLeod
Treasurer/Note-taker Philip Shea

General Directors’ Portfolios/Departments

Shelagh Glover
Gil Hymer
Wilhelmina Fredericks
Yvanna Kroitor

Creative Team

Production of the MWOS Musical Performances (Engagements)

Production Manager TBD
Stage Director TBD
Music Director Shannon Bouchard (Spring Concert 2018), Lillias Lippert (MWOS Carollers)
Music and Casting Chair TBD
Accompanist Julie Choi (MWOS Minstrels)
Rehearsal Pianist TBD
Stage Manager TBD
Costume Coordinator TBD
Sets & Props Designer TBD
Programme Designer TBD
Graphic Artists TBD
Graphics Editor TBD
Box Office Manager TBD
Front of House Manager TBD

Additional Assistance

Casting Committee TBD
Production Planning CommitteeTeam Gil Hymer, Kerry McKeown, Donna Pinsky, Shannon Bouchard, Jane Needles
Marketing Team TBD
Fundraising Team Wilhelmina Fredericks (coordinator)
Communications Coordinator Shelagh Glover
Translator TBD
Printing Designer TBD
Website Consultant TBD
Website Editor Shelagh Glover,
Strategic Review Committee (SRC) Rod MacLeod (Chair), Elena Cerrolaza, Shelagh Glover, Yvanna Kroitor, Kerry McKeown
Committee for Intelligence Acquisition (CIA) TBD (Chair), TBD
MWOS-CSL Partnership Team Shelagh Glover, Gil Hymer, Rod MacLeod, Susan Germinario.
Flyer and Poster Crew TBD
Video Recording Producer TBD
Costume Consultant TBD
Costume Crew TBD
Set Movers  TBD
Front-of-House Team  2016-2017:TBD