Join Us / Rejoignez-nous!

Anyone with an interest in Gilbert and Sullivan or musical theatre, or just singing for the pure JOY of it, is welcome to join.

Cast members are all unpaid volunteers, and range from serious amateurs who perform for enjoyment, music students seeking to hone their skills, to professionals looking to broaden their repertoire.

Please see Auditions for more information.


This year, rehearsals are held every Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. until June 30, 2018.  This year we have been very fortunate to find a space in St. Ansgar’s church in NDG., and during the winter at St. Matthias’ Church in Westmount for our rehearsals. Thanks to Rev. Samuel K. King-Kabu, St. Ansgar’s Parish Pastor; Jane Needles and Dawn Hallas (St. Matthias) for making this generous use of the churches possible.

In 2014, MWOS partnered with two senior residences in the area.  On Mondays, MWOS rehearses at Place Kensington in Westmount; and on Wednesdays, we rehearse at the Vista Residence in NDG.  In return for the generous use of their space,  MWOS invites the residents to take part in the rehearsals by watching (or participating more actively), as we sing and stage our production.  MWOS treated both residences to a couple of performances – one in December and the other, in May.  A Special Ticket Discount of 16$ (25% off) was offered to residents for each of our shows.  These partnerships proved to be a great success!  Thank you, Doreen of Place Kensington, and Riana of Vista Residence, for all your kind help and support.

In 2013, we entered into a partnership with the City of Côte St. Luc Parks and Recreation Department.  We are sharing goods, expertise and volunteers with the Cote St. Luc Dramatic Society in return for rehearsal space.  We are very grateful to Harold Cammy and his team for all their help and support.


For the year 2018-2019, the Membership Fee has been set at 40$. Should our circumstances change, a general meeting will be convened and the fee structure will be reviewed.

Usually, members are asked to pay a small membership fee each year, this fee gives you the right to vote at any General Meeting held by the Society, and helps defray the costs of rehearsals and production. Each rehearsal is accompanied by a pianist and performances are accompanied, whenever possible, by a small orchestra, under the direction of the music director.


Please see Member Events if you would like more information on our various activities.

Positions Open

We are looking for dynamic and energetic people to join our team for our current production.  Phone: 514-990-8813, or email:, if any of the following activities interest you.

Do you like to: act, sing, dance, play an instrument (perform) sew, cut, (costumes) print, write (advertising), design graphics, sell, (marketing) work on the computer, …

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