Positions Open

We are looking for dynamic and energetic people to join our team for our current production.  Phone: 514-990-8813, or email: info@mwos.org, if any of the following activities interest you.

Do you like to:

  • act, sing, dance, play an instrument (perform)
  • sew, cut, (costumes)
  • print, write (advertising),
  • design graphics, sell, (marketing)
  • work on the computer, design webpages (website manager)
  • build (sets),
  • talk, organize (fund-raising or publicity)
  • manage, make decisions, be responsible (Board of Directors*),
  • meet and greet (Front of House)

come join us!

Volunteers Needed:

  • *Board Members
  • production team
  •         – volunteer pianist
  •         – volunteer music director
  • stage crew
  • front-of-house volunteers
  • publicity and marketing
  • website designing and managing
  • costume construction
  • instrumental ensemble